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Ceo message

The company has a board of directors that represents the partners and approves the pivotal matters in the company, such as budgets and strategic plans. It follows up on the executive management through direct follow-up and holding periodic meetings for this purpose.

The company’s location is in Marsa Al-Bariqa, and our field of work is the production of liquefied ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer (urea) through the first and second ammonia factories, the first and second urea factories, and their associated facilities including production units and shipping operations. The production

capacity of the ammonia factories is 2000 tons per day, which can be increased after making some necessary modifications. The design capacity of the urea factories is 2750 tons per day.

As a result of the current circumstances, the company operates with one production line, and we are working hard to bring the first ammonia plant into service during the second quarter of 2022, God willing. And we, as everyone knows, are the only producer of nitrogen fertilizer (urea) in Libya… The company’s production enjoys a good reputation globally and locally, and we have customers from different continents of the world.

In conclusion, we ask God for success in our endeavours, and in achieving our goals, in order to live up to the good expectations of our employees and customers, and to be, as we all promised, one of the supporters of the nation’s economy.

Dr. Awad El-Saber Al-Mabrouk


Chief Executive Officer

D.Awad Elsaber

Technical Department Manger

Farag Othman Yousef

Maintenance Department Manger

Abdulslam Elsanussi Yousef

Safety & Health Department Manger

Sami Saleh Najim

Ammonia Plants Manger

Abdulkatem Naser Saleh

Materials Department Manger

Ali Saad Allawa

Human Resourses Manger

Ahmad Zidan Abdulgader

Urea Plants Manger

Mansour Darroish Barrani

Accounting Department Manger

Ibrahim Abdullah Swailm

Farag Othman Yousif