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The Main Company Products :

Ammonia is a colorless gas at ambient temperature .. it`s chemical formula is NH3 .. it`s lighter than air and possesses a unique penetrating o dour .. it`s explosive and also poisonous.

There are two ammonia plants in Libyan Norwegian company at el-brega .. ammonia-1 with capacity of 1200/day MT .. and ammonia-2 with capacity of 1000 MT/day

the major consume of ammonia is the manufacturing of URIA. .. also used to manufacturing nitric acid .. explosives .. fibers .. plastic and soda

Uria is a nitrogenous fertilizer (organic Compound) in a form of solid white prills 1-2mm in size .. it contains minimum 46.4% Nitrogen which the highest compared to other chemical fertilizer .. and it produced by Ammonia and carbon dioxide reaction.

The chemical Formula is NH2 CO NH2

Uses of Uria:

In fertilization of soil as nitrogeous fertilizer.

The prouduction of Uria-Formaldhyde resins.

Plastic and melamine production.

solvents .. like the ones they used in removing the snow in airports.

Nitrogen is an organic compound with the chemical formulaCO(NH2)2. Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals.

The Desalinated water produced from sea water, by impleminting reverse osmosic technology (membrance process) where almost 99% of dissolved salts and minirals are removed .. the industrial application calls for the use of high quality water.

The Vhemical Formola is : H2o