Statement of the Executive Director of the Libyan Norwegian Fertilizers Company regarding the meeting to discuss the gas extension of the company

According to the statement of the Executive Director  . the proposal submitted by the management of the company at the meeting of the Board of Directors No. (44), which was held on 24-1-2019, which stipulates that the company pay (10 million USD) for the National Oil Corporation against the debt of gas invoices NOC will resume supplying the company with the quantities of gas available to it to provide the full quantity later. However, this proposal was rejected by Yara representatives for considerations that it considers necessary to settle with the National Oil Corporation)NOC) regarding several matters. Despite our attempts and  finally voted on the proposal, but did not get the quorum required.

In this regard, the management of the Lifeco company request that all employees  to exercise self-control and to prevail judgment and to be a single row and avoid any matter that would increase fragmentation and sedition untill the owners of this company to reach a final agreement that serves everyone interest.

Media Office – 28-1-2019

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